Me and my shed

December 28, 2012 at 1:30 pm (Uncategorized)



I know I’ve written about The Shed before – but I wanted to bring you all in to have a look. I got a fab coffee machine for Christmas, which means I can potentially overdose on caffeine as let me tell you, those espressos slip down very nicely and are gone in a matter of moments! I do have some de-caf, but where’s the fun in that?

The shed is now warm (two heaters in here), well-lit (proper lights and fairy lights AND a desk lamp) and cosy (comfy Ikea chair and footstool for when I have visitors, or for when I want to sit and read rather than work at my desk). It has book cases, stationery like you would not believe, a whiteboard (which fell off the wall the other day – I nearly wet myself with fright), coat pegs, a kettle, a biscuit tin shaped like a big old book, and a coffee machine. I’m not going to fit a bathroom in here however much I want one, so that will have to be that.

I don’t get many visitors. 

And lovely as my shed is, it hasn’t been very good for productivity. It’s funny, I always thought that once I had a ‘room of one’s own’ (essential for women who write, according to Virginia Woolf) I would be super-productive and would be churning out novels like you wouldn’t believe – but I still seem to spend a shocking amount of time staring into space.

I think it’s because I am accustomed to working in an office with lots of other people, with noise, and the shed is just too quiet. Even with the radio on. So today I am experimenting with the BBC World Service on quietly in the background, just so I have some voices rather than music or silence.

I continue to experiment with my writing routine, a whole year after starting my career break. I have one year left. What’s the betting I will establish a brilliant, effective routine the week before I have to go back to the day job?

Much as I want to write 9-5, I seem to be more productive in the late afternoon or early evening, which is a shame because that’s when the family is at home and I have a million and one other things to do, like supervising homework and cooking dinner. I suspect this is no coincidence.

Productivity aside, I love my shed. I love it. It is my space and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have that, and everything in it…



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I’m back, did you miss me?

December 22, 2012 at 11:19 am (Uncategorized)

Around this time of year, as well as the Christmas Anxiety that starts at the end of Nanowrimo on 1st December, I always seem to get yearnings to be organised, plan, do things a bit better next year. Whilst muttering “as if I don’t have enough to do” crossly at myself, I find myself thinking about why on earth I have a blog if I don’t write in it, when clearly I have plenty to say for myself.

Reasons for not writing here

1. I also (sporadically) write an online journal which is mostly private and shared with a few close friends. This takes up some amount of my creative juice.

2. I’ve written two (or three if we’re counting first drafts) books this year. This has taken up even more creative juice.

3. As part of my efforts to be a good writer, I’ve also done quite a few online interviews, guest blogs and other promotional things, not to mention visiting book groups, talking to book groups on Skype, talking at other events and trying to show my face on Facebook and Twitter regularly so people don’t forget who I am. This takes up even MORE creative juice!

4. I didn’t realise I have only a limited supply of creative juice, until I found I’d run out.

Nevertheless, this is a good place to write and at some point my lovely husband is going to perform some magic and integrate my blog with my website so that my online presence will look a bit more professional and a bit less like I don’t know what I’m doing.

Next year I am hoping that, with two books underway, things will calm down a little bit and I can devote more time to writing here, entertaining everyone, and farting about generally.

I will write again before Christmas to wish you all a happy one, but in case I don’t see you before then (I mean, you might have things to do, right?) have a lovely time and be good.


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