In which I am full of good intentions and Slimming World rice pudding

April 4, 2011 at 7:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Following on from a half-good weekend (one full day of editing*, one day of wishing I was editing whilst cooking roast lamb with a simmering migraine), I have set myself the challenge of working for one hour per day on the novel. One little hour. How hard can that be, huh? Additionally, I am once again going to step on the Wii Fit Balance Board and terrify the poor thing.

So, my day went like this:

– Get home from work, ignore kettle, ignore Jeremy Kyle, ignore washing up – pull out the Wii Balance Board and fire it up. My Mii is not so much sleeping, as comatose. When I resuscitate it, the Wii tells me comfortingly that it is my 1050th day, and that my last workout was 453 days ago. It tells me happily that I’ve gained two pounds since then. TWO POUNDS! Not bad, not bad. It also tells me that I’m obese, and it has to invent a whole new category because I’m lardier than any human being it has ever encountered. It sounds reproachful. It is not a happy bunny, not at all. Then it puts on its most disappointing noise and remarks that I’ve not achieved the target I set for myself. Quel surprise. In fact the target came and went quite some months ago. Cheerfully set myself another target for three months down the line. I’ll show it. It will be begging for my forgiveness when I return to it every day for a week, and when I am several stone lighter. It will hardly be able to detect me, I shall be that feather-light. I shall float down upon it. I shall be at risk of vanquishing gravity altogether, and floating out of the window.

– Do 16 minutes, according to the FitPiggy, of which is ten minutes on the step whilst watching Jeremy Kyle.

– collect son from school, head to supermarket, purchase bag loads of fruit and veg, and a big Persil non-bio because it’s half price, come home, half-unpack shopping, cook dinner, eat dinner, fart around on Twitter for an hour while son plays Lego Star Wars.

– and now I’m here! And I have my official Hour to spend working on my novel! And it’s 20:36 already and I’m yawning…

Tomorrow, I shall do my Hour earlier, before I get too tired or busy on other things…

* my story and I’m sticking to it



  1. Roxy Carmichael said,

    ooh well done for trying but there’s no way I can write at 10 at night. It’s easier if I set the alarm for five am – not that I don’t sometimes snooze my way through that. But oh crap this one hour a day thingie is easier said than done isn’t it? Still tomorrow is another day

  2. Roxy Carmichael said,

    or even eight o’clock….god I am not at all familiar with the 24 clock! Keep on trucking

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