Still procrastinating, but oh well…

March 31, 2011 at 6:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Feeling alarmingly positive today. I’ve been getting up extra early all this week with a view to getting work done at the Day Job, so that I can concentrate harder on writing when I get home… unfortunately the result of getting up at 6am (which is still 5am in old money) is that I’m ready for bed by 8pm. Nevertheless, the Day Job is going very well at the moment and it’s making me feel all shiny and buzzy with excitement, which IS going to rub off on the editing process.

I am looking forward to this weekend; one whole uninterrupted day of editing, followed by one day with a good old chunk of editing interrupted by cooking a roast lunch. I confess, though, I was looking forward to this afternoon: my son had ‘cinema night’ at the school, which meant I didn’t need to collect him until 5.15pm. Given that I usually finish the Day Job at 2pm, what did I do with these blissful three and a quarter spare hours?

– stayed at work an extra hour to finish things (didn’t finish things despite best efforts)
– went to Sainsburys and bought food and other random things
– came home, unpacked shopping, emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher, put a roast in (and why not? It’s Thursday after all), put shopping away and Farted Around (technical term) on Twitter, Facebook and various other amusing sites.

Did I open my ‘Second Draft’ file? No I did not. And I suspect Genevieve and Dylan will have something to say about it next time I’m brave enough to go in there and try and get them to talk to me.

No, really, Elizabeth – that does sound a bit mad.

The weekend beckons, full of promise. To keep myself inspired, I’ll share the first of some pictures of the beautiful River Medway…


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  1. Heather in Lapland said,

    sometimes time just seems to get sucked away into some great time vacuum. You blink and 2 hours have passed. Especially when fannying around on the internet.

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