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March 30, 2011 at 1:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve had a very busy few weeks in both the writing world and in the real world (can’t quite think of the writing world as being real, yet – bear with me). I had a great time at the York Festival of Writing at the weekend and got to meet some wonderful writery people. I think it does the soul of a writer good to be in the company of other writers, if only for a short while – it certainly did me a lot of good. I met a lot of people with works-in-progress and it was very exciting hearing about their plots and what their hopes are for their novels.

If I met you there and I didn’t get a chance to collar you with my contact details, you can email me, or find me on Twitter. Let me know how you’re getting on!

The real world has been very busy, too, and in amongst all this I am trying to find time to crack on with editing The Revenge of the Tide. I must confess it’s been well over a week since I even opened my ‘second draft’ file. Whenever I leave it for anything longer than a couple of days it gets harder to get back to it – it’s like receiving an email from an old friend and wanting to reply straight away, but other things get in the way and before you know it so much time has passed that it becomes awkward to respond. I can feel my characters sulking because I have abandoned them to their world. I will need to spend time with them before they’ll talk to me again.

This is why I need contact with writery people every so often – non-writery people will read the above and think me completely mad….


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