Pole Fitness Level Two and Three

January 31, 2011 at 6:30 pm (Uncategorized)

As I can’t go to my usual class on Tuesday, I ended up going to Sunday’s class this week for pole fitness – which also gave me a chance to stay and observe the Level 2/3 class which follows on immediately afterwards.

Must confess I didn’t feel hugely athletic on Sunday – not that I ever do – but I’m glad I went now, not just because it gave me a chance to meet some other lovely Ladies Who Pole but also because I got to see what’s around the corner for those who make it to the end of the beginner’s class. Oh my goodness. I got a real appreciation for dancers in clubs and competitions because they make it look so effortless, when actually it really isn’t. Although the ladies managed to make moves like the Iguana, the Barbarella and the Angel look elegant, getting into them took some doing and I was glad I was just sitting there watching rather than posing at the top of a pole hanging on with nothing more than the skin of my inner thighs. There is also the dilemma faced by everyone, namely to chalk or not to chalk? No chalk, and your grip slips and leaves you splat on the mat before you’ve completed your spin. Chalk, and the friction between the pole and your palm makes a noise like the gates of hell opening up.  Sweaty palms are definitely not an advantage.

As for posing inverted at the top of the pole – you’ll know you’ve got there when you can do it without gritting your teeth…

I sat on my mat at the back of the class and drew little stick pictures of all the moves and poses – they happen at a much faster rate in the Level 2/3 class, let me tell you – and looking at them this morning some of them look anatomically impossible.

Ladies, if any of you are reading – thank you so much for tolerating me watching you all off-puttingly from the back of the room!  As a reward for all of that hard work I’ll share with you a video of a performance by Jenyne Butterfly. I recognise some of the moves from the Level 2/3 class, which means, ladies, that you are not far off being this good.

In other exciting news, tomorrow is the launch party for Into the Darkest Corner… ridiculously excited about this. It’s going to be such fun!


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