November 19, 2010 at 9:39 am (Uncategorized)

Oh dear, so much for writing a blog entry every day…

I have been writing though, at a much reduced pace. This is partly due to a horrible stinky cold (why are colds ‘stinky’? I haven’t smelled anything good or bad since Tuesday) and partly due to the resurrection of the infamous Inner Editor, who has been feeding me all sorts of lines such as:

“It’s crap. You might as well stop now…”
“You don’t have an ending yet. What sort of a writer are you? You might as well stop now…”
“This pile of words is worse than useless, there is no point carrying on, you might as well stop now…”
“You did your 50k, there’s no benefit to writing more, you might as well stop now…”

Well, I say, DEATH to the Inner Editor!  I know it’s crap! So what!  I might just write an ending where aliens turn up, or a bunch of axe-wielding clowns, or – or – Mr Wallace my A level English teacher with a TASER and a jar of Manuka Honey!

[thought: maybe had too much Lemsip.]

I also remember having feverish dreams the night before last where all of a sudden the ending of the novel was revealed to me like a beautifully landscaped path up to heaven and it all made perfect sense. Then I woke up and held on to the feeling for a fraction of a second, and then it was all gone. Who knows what that perfect ending was, although it could have been something like ‘the donkey did it’ and that would have made sense at 4am when unconscious, but in the cold light of Friday morning it probably won’t do.

[thought: I’d better get dressed in case the postman actually knocks on the door today.]

So, I feel better about writing today. It’s my last day off (the last three weeks have raced past!) and I’m back to work on Monday, so if I can get beyond 62k today I will be a happy bunny. Nothing seems to be quite firing me up as much as it did last week. I’m avoiding Write or Die although I haven’t closed the tab down on my browser; it’s sitting there looking at me like a malevolent garden ornament.

I will be back later to report on progress.


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