Monday again: a struggle

November 9, 2010 at 4:42 pm (Uncategorized)

Gah. I’m nearly halfway through my time off the Day Job. I know I’m doing quite well on the word count but I’m starting to hit the Week Two Wall… the moment where all of a sudden it feels crap and pointless and really, really badly written…

It’s not that bad – but my main character has resorted to DIY because I’m not giving her anything exciting to do. I think this might be where I’m going wrong. She’s in mortal peril, surely she should be worrying about more than replacement windows?

On the positive side, the weather’s been appalling so I’m not distracted by the need to pull up weeds or remove the summer’s bedding plants, which are now looking bedraggled and brown. I need to take some cuttings from the geraniums before the frost kills them all. All of this is a potential distraction, so bring on the torrential rain.

Another distraction is putting together playlists on Spotify – I am particularly vulnerable to this. My excuse today was that I needed to establish my perfect pole-dancing playlist. One of my main characters has done pole dancing in a previous life, and it’s good for scene-setting (and, to be fair, wordcount) to describe in detail what sort of music she dances to. Thank the Lord for facebook, all my friends have been contributing to the list today.

I think the top choices are:

All Mine and Glory Box – Portishead
When Doves Cry and Gett Off – Prince
Erotica – Madonna
Sexy Bitch – David Guetta and Akon

Not normally the sort of stuff I write to, but if I’m writing about pole dancing, I might as well listen to pole dancing music. Tomorrow I think I might write about more nautical stuff, so I’m thinking of the Port Isaac Fishermen’s Friends.

Currently at 30, 547.

Aiming for 35,000 before bedtime.


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