This is going better than I’d hoped

November 7, 2010 at 9:58 am (Uncategorized)

Goal chart








I meant to write last night but it got very late and I was becoming a little incoherent, so I’ve saved my entry for this morning. And it’s a beautiful sunny day!  I think today I’m going to go out somewhere with the boys and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. I think I probably need some fresh air.

Six days in to Nano, I’m halfway through the official wordcount target, at 25,584 words. I don’t think I’ve ever hit halfway this early before. Of course, it’s not really halfway for me because I’m not going to stop when I hit 50k, I’m aiming for at least 80k this year. But even so! 25k in six days isn’t bad at all.

Traditionally, week three is tough. In the past I’ve hit the legendary Week Three Wall at different times in the month, and it’s noticeable especially in the light of the bliss that is The End of Week One – the phase where everything’s motoring along, ideas are sparking off all over the place, weird characteristics are suddenly starting to make sense and you get brief, fleeting glimpses of the ending, the shape it might take, the people who might be there when it happens…

So, for the moment, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and the exhilaration that comes with the end of Week One. Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.


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